Established 2005, Homeeasy Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a professional supplier of a range of household appliances to the global market. From electric fans, to electric heater, to kitchen appliances and air conditioning products, Homeeasy team is dedicated to successful innovation and the wellness of its customers.

Homeeasy is the recognized pioneer of taking innovative ideas and turning them into branded worldwide distributed products. Dedication to high standards of quality manufacturing makes Homeeasy Products a respected household appliances product and service supplier.

Homeeasy also owns a R&D team with expertise in new concept incubation and product development. We feature a range of solutions for one-stop shopping to customers. Strong manufacturing capacity, great quality products and dedicated customer service are just some of those factors that have earned Homeeasy goodwill in industry.

With well established brands, proven quality products, local operation service and professional sales and marketing them that attracts more and more customers,Homeeasy Industrial Co., Ltd.has exceeded over 55 million dollars in sales worldwide.

Our brand portfolio includes: